How to Use Logic Pro X Music Software

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How to Use Logic Pro X Music Software

Music Production courses in Delhi at CrashedBeats will tell you about how to Use Logic Pro X Music. With the ever-growing popularity of DJing, different music production instruments have gained enormous popularity and Logic Pro X is one such software that has grabbed tremendous attention from the music industry and is widely used by engineers, professional music artists and professional music studios across the globe.

This premier Apple software is a powerful tool that helps produce top-grade music, however, a novice may experience difficulty in utilizing the software for producing top-grade and quality music.

For easing the groundwork for novice artists, we have brought forward this blog that will familiarize you with the steps to use Logic Pro X software for producing top-grade and quality music.

Steps to Use Logic Pro X Music Music Software for Producing Quality Music

We will now list down the steps to use Logic Pro X Music Software for generating top-grade music:

Install Your Workstation

Before proceeding to work on Logic Pro X software, you must ensure that all equipment including MIDI keyboard, mixer, mic, monitors, etc are connected in a proper manner.

Configure the Software

 You must configure the software while ensuring that no other projects or programs are open in order to guarantee optimal performance.

Set Up Your Project

You must select ‘File’ and ‘New’ to open a new project. Further, you can select ‘New’ from ‘Template’ or ‘Empty Project’ to create a ‘New Template’ file. You must subsequently set the audio parameters wherein you will be required to select the audio input device, sample rate, and audio output device.

Prior to commencing work on any project, you must set the Tempo, Key and Time Signature. You can set up these parameters at the bar at the top that displays your project info. It is wise to select the track types that your project will comprise. Further, you must change your ‘Count In’ settings before you record in order that you have a comfortable amount of room before the actual recording commences.

Further, you have the option to alter the ‘Tempo’ at a later stage.

Build a New Track

For building a ‘New’ track, navigate the ‘Track’ option in the top bar and click on ‘New Track’. You must subsequently choose the ‘First’ track you wish to insert.

Consider Recording Instruments

You can consider emulating countless different instruments through the Logic’s library with your MIDI keyboard or synthesizer. You must tap ‘Software Instrument’ from the ‘New Track’ bar and choose your instrument. Further, you must ensure that your MIDI workstation is connected and ready.

Make use of Quantization

You can consider quantizing a track to a particular time signature on the basis of its frequency in the recording for correcting any discrepancies in timing while recording software instruments. For doing so, you must first navigate the ‘Inspector’ by opening ‘View’ at the top menu and subsequently clicking ‘Show Inspector’.

You must then choose your ‘Track’ while subsequently navigating the ‘Quantize’ option and choose a specific timing. This will help notes align themselves as per the timing you opt.

Consider Recording Real Instruments

You can either connect to the mixer or use a mic for recording any real instrument. You must choose the ‘New Track’ window and choose ‘Audio’. Further, you must specify ‘Mixer’ as your input device and ‘Headphones’ as the output device.

Consider Recording Vocal Tracks

You must select ‘Audio’ option by navigating the ‘New Track’ window. You need to subsequently specify your ‘Mixer’ as the input device and your ‘Headphones’ as the output device.

 Consider Utilizing Apple Loops

This premier software furnishes plenty of pre-built audio loops. You must click on the ‘View’ window and choose ‘Show Apple Loops’. You must then choose the loop on the basis of the displayed categories. You must subsequently drag and drop the loop onto the designated area.

You must regularly Save Your Project

You must periodically save your work while you are working on your project to ensure that no loss of work occurs.

Link Logic Pro X to an Interface or Soundcard

You must link your software to an interface or soundcard to ensure that any audio tracks you create talk to the interface you have connected. This implies that in case you wish to record audio from the outside world like a guitar or keyboard, you will have to ensure that you plug the instrument into the correct socket and link it to the audio track in Logic that you create.

Conclusion: We hope that this blog will familiarize you with the steps to use Logic Pro X for producing quality music.

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