urntablism is one of the arts that include the manipulating sounds and the creation of new music with the sound effects, mixes and other creative sounds including beats. It includes the use of two or more turntables with the DJ mixer which is cross fader-equipped. The mixer is plugged into the system of PA for the purpose of events that are live. A turntablist is an expert in particular techniques of playing the instrument such as sampling, scratching and same sort of techniques.

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    Turntablists have the ability to manipulate the records on turntable through moving the record with the help of their hand for cuing the stylus for the accurate points on the record. Turntablists are basically called DJ’s.

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Turntablism is one of the instruments which have been included so that the efficient course services can be offered to the learners or students. We have been providing the music courses to the students for a long period of time. Team that is incorporated in the institute is very professional and expert in their field and always ensures that the students are not going through any sort of problem while attaining music classes from us. Those who are looking to get the best music production course in Delhi can join our institute. If you have been finding a good music institute for learning Turntablism then we are your destination.

We have structured the curriculum for sharpening the talents, emphasizing the fundamentals and defining your strengths and weaknesses so that you can become one of the successful DJ’s. DJs who are beginners will be capable of grasping the basics that are interlinked with the mixing, blending and scratching within few sessions. If we talk about the intermediate and advanced DJs will be capable of brushing up and fine-tune the capabilities and staying up on techniques of cutting edge that are famous these days. Basically, you can easily learn about the basic and can efficiently ensure scratching techniques learning.

Duration: The duration for the Turntablism course is 3 months and 1 month (crash course).

Course details

We are proficient in our work and for delivering the extra satisfying the students or learners. You can comprehend about the course in an additional manner through the details linked to it. We have included different areas so that the learners can easily decide that which arena they want to select. These areas include analog and digital scratch program, mixing songs, how to bring in record, baby scratching, stab scratching, transform scratching, looping, phasing, echos, back-spinning and clean blending.