Sound Engineering Course (Mixing, Mastering, Recording)

Sound Engineering Course (Mixing, Mastering, Recording)


ound Engineering Course designed to increase the production techniques and skills to understand the features of EQ and compressors to create a beautiful sound. This course will help you to create high-end quality music and sound recordings. Show your professionalism and expert skills to make perfect mastering and mixing the sound.

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    Sound Engineering is playing a very important role in Music Industry. A sound engineer means who will handle all music production and sound systems and make a mind-blowing music.


    An expert sound engineer will do mixing, mastering, recording, designing, music arrangement, editing, etc. These all music related tasks are executed by Sound Engineer.

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    Sound Engineer is not depended on any other person, it is the one man that will handle all music production and errors. Sound Engineering is the complete course and music making and creating a process that will explore the latest trend of music and sound.


    A sound engineer builds their own studio and creates effective and beautiful music and songs. This course will provide you the best and latest knowledge about music.

Your art of making music and sound skills will be increased in this course. This course is specially designed for passionate and interested students that want to achieve their goals in the music industry.

Duration Time: 30 Days

Course Fee: 70500 (Including GST)

Class Days: Sat-Sun-Mon

Software: Logic Pro X