Simple Tips To Follow When Starting a Career in Music Production

tips to follow when starting a career in music

Simple Tips To Follow When Starting a Career in Music Production

Earning success as a music producer is a daunting task since you need to put in plenty of backbreaking efforts to become an established music producer. Majority of aspiring music producers face a dilemma as to what they should do to kickstart their career in music production.

To put the dilemma and confusion of aspiring music producers to rest, we have brought forward this blog that will share simple tips to follow when starting a career in music production.

Simple Tips When Starting a Career in Music Production

We will now bring forth the list of simple tips you must follow when starting a career in music production:

  1. Pick a Genre: One of the initial decisions you need to make is determining whether to become an expert in one genre or work with a diverse range of genres. It is one of the crucial decisions that govern your future course of action and you must consider taking up a single genre initially and moving on to other genres after you become established in one genre.

You need to determine the genre that inspires and delights you the most before you can proceed ahead into the field.

2. Develop your Music Production Skills by learning instruments and mastering the technology: You must proceed to develop your music production skills by joining a music school that will help you gain extensive practical knowledge and build technical skills essential for fine music production.

This is because giant recording companies are in constant search for people capable of producing quality and top-grade music consistently with passion and you must build your technical skills and must possess sound knowledge of latest trends and technology to be able to build a rewarding career in the field.

You must gain the skills of using music processing programs such as Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) for producing fine music and must learn the tricks and tactics to operate and adjust instruments like Ableton Live, FL Studio, etc for producing top-grade music. Further, you must master the skills of working on instruments such as Piano, Guitar, Bass, etc will help you build a strong foundation for your productions and will help you polish your skills subsequently helping you produce fine-quality music.

Further, you must gain extensive knowledge and develop strong skills in different music production aspects such as recording and mastering, micing and mixing, music arrangement, sound designing, synthesis, etc all of which will help you hone your music production skills and knowledge.

3. Develop Familiarity with Music by Attending Concerts and Listening to Different Music Genres: As an aspiring music producer, you must get familiar with music as much as possible by paying a visit to concerts and clubs that will familiarize you with what the audience likes and dislikes and help you gather knowledge about what sounds fit well together.

Another way of developing familiarity with music is to listen to different types and genres of music as much as possible that will give a general idea of what all sounds and beats fit well together and how different genres and sounds interact with each other.

Attending concerts and listening to music as much as possible will familiarize you with the audience likes and dislikes, will help you gain command over what goes well with what and will polish your sound designing and arrangement skills.

4. Analyze Successful Music Producers and Observe Their Career: One of the essential tips when starting a career in music production is to observe successful music producers and examine their career path. You must follow them closely and track a trajectory of their career to see what major events and moves led to their success. Analyze their compositions to determine how they structure the tracks and examine their concerts and performances to analyze how they manage their audience and what all they do that brings them appraisal and appreciation from the audience.

5. Build Your Own Music: After developing familiarity with different music genres, gaining knowledge of what sounds go well together and building your technical music production skills, its’ the time you put your skills and knowledge to test and implementation by building your own compositions.

6. Gain Gigs or Deliver Live Performances: One of the starting points to kickstart a music production career is to get out on stage and make people hear your music production skills. You can earn your first gigs by performing at clubs or pubs at low fees or for free initially to get recognized and earn stardom.

Look for other options to kickstart your career such as performing in live bands, taking up events, concerts and club performances at low fees, performing in your friend’s house party or performing in flash mobs. These are all great ways of getting your compositions heard and earning recognition and stardom.

7. Distribute Your Music Effectively: Distributing your creations and compositions effectively is a great way of earning gigs and big projects. You must establish relationships with large and small music distributors and distribute your creations via them. You must not forget to upload your compositions and creations on music streaming platforms such as Sound Cloud, Band Camp, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, etc since they currently an integral part of how people listen to music and these will help your creations reach a wider range of audience, in turn, helping you build a bigger fan base.

8. Exploit the Social Media for Gaining Stardom: Social media is undoubtedly one of the best platforms these days for gaining recognition and stardom. You must upload your creations to the YouTube channel for building your fan base and gaining recognition and stardom.

Further, build your official accounts on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, etc and update them regularly with your creations to expand your reach and build a wide audience. Increase your level of participation with your followers by responding to their messages and encourage them to like and share your posts and videos.

Update your official pages regularly and add short titles, descriptions, and tags to your posts and videos to get more views and attract the audience. Join different groups through your official account IDs and add links to your creations to other people’s posts to get an audience to your page and expand your fan base.

Add stories and videos conveying messages and thankfulness to your audience and fan base to widen your reach and attract the community to listen to your creations.

9. Market Your Productions: Marketing is definitely the best tool to widen your reach and get gigs. You must market your production business by distributing business cards, putting in bulletins around clubs, pubs, colleges, discos, music houses, etc.

Hold meetings with event planners, hotel and pub authorities and establish relationships with them and distribute your business cards to get business and gigs from different sources.

10. Do Networking and Establish Relationships: Do some networking to build a network of connections who can get you a big break in the industry. Try to establish relationships with record labels, major artists and music producers to get your first big break in the industry.

Talk to the right people to get gigs and business and keep your charges low initially until you become an established name.

Conclusion: We hope that this blog will familiarize you with the simple tips to follow when starting a career in music production.