Music Arrangements

Music Arrangements


rashBeats designed Music Arrangements Course for an advanced level of students who already know about DAW tools working and techniques but they are facing problems to create own music and sound. If you do not know the technical concepts of sound and music then it is the best course for you to help and understanding the concepts and layers of music arrangements.

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    With the help of Music Arrangements course, you will know how to create a perfect beat or sound.


    This course aim is to teach you about how will music sections will performed and how you can adjust and set different music layers in one track so that your track will play without any sound error or displacement. You can manage various music sounds in one track.

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    CrashedBeats module has been designed for novice and advanced producers who are familiar with the basic working of a DAW but struggle with making melodies, parts and overall arrangement of their song.


    If you are not aware of how samples and sounds are layered correctly to achieve a big sound, then this module will also be a help to you to understand these concepts.

Duration Time: 30 Days

Course Fee: 29000 (Including GST)

Class Days: Only Friday

Software: Ableton Live and Logic Pro X