How to Learn Music Production Online?

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How to Learn Music Production Online?

Learning music production is a daunting task since it requires you to invest plenty of effort, time and money to build and sharpen your music production skills to be able to produce fine quality music. Many people opt to join professional music schools for gaining music production skills. Though joining music schools is not a bad option in itself, not everyone has the time and money to join professional music schools. This leaves such people with no option other than using the online mode of learning professional music production.

For all those seeking to learn music production online, we will share this blog that will educate you about the tips to learn music production online.

How to Learn Music Production Online

We will now list down the tips that will help you learn music production online:

  1. Install a DAW in your system: The initial step you need to take is to install a DAW in your system. You can start off with tools such as Ableton Live, FL Studio, etc that will help you advance subsequently to higher levels. You must choose a DAW that you think fits you the best.
  2. Opt for Free YouTube Tutorials: YouTube is definitely a great platform to learn music production skills. You will be required to browse through different videos to examine their content quality and scanning different videos will help you identify videos featuring quality content. For accessing videos and tutorials that offer free content, you can consider going with video series by SeamlessR and Mathew Weiss series videos that feature high-quality and really helpful content that will help you gain valuable music production skills.
  3. Join Paid Online Classes: Online classes and online music schools are some of the best options for leaning music production through the online mode. They provide plenty of free material as well as paid tutorials that can help you build a strong technical skill set and hone your music production skills to make you master at producing fine quality music.

We will now list down a few names that provide fine quality tutorials in a wide variety of areas

  • Point Blank Music School: Point Blank is one of the best places that gives you the opportunity to learn music production and much more for free. With a wide range of packages in fields such as Sound Design, Ableton Live streams, FFL, Style Guide, Deconstructions, Masterclasses, etc, this is definitely one of the finest channels for learning fine-quality music production.
  • DubSpot: DubSpot is definitely one of the excellent schools for building a skill set in Electronic Music Production. They provide amazing packages in different music production areas at exciting prices and provide highly helpful tutorials with experienced instructors that will help you get a strong command over different music production areas.
  • Future Music Magazine: Future Music Magazine features very helpful and incredible content with packages such as production tutorials on bass, mixing, mastering, beats, etc and series such as Producer’s Guide To…, The Track, Steinberg Studio Sessions, etc.
  • ADSR Music Production Tutorials: ADSR is one of the channels that give you the opportunity to master sound design and synthesis through in-depth tutorials, presets and sample packs for Reaktor, FM8, Massive, Zebra, Kontakt, Ableton, Sylenth and Maschine for free.
  • Sadowick Production: Sadowick production is a well-recognized channel that gives its users highly detailed plug-in tours that will help you build strong technical skills in production, mixing techniques and core sound design. One of the interesting package offered by this channel is their Ableton Live 9 Ultimate Course that lasts a little longer than 6 hours.
  • Sonic Academy: Sonic Academy is one of the finest channels that features free material as well as paid tutorials in abundance and provide fine-quality products and services that can help you enhance your technical skill set in mainstream EDM styles and genres. You will find plenty of engaging and fine content in their Tech Tips and Interviews and their tutorials are taught by industry professionals that will help you grab the maximum benefit. Engaging with this channel gives you the opportunity to download plenty of tutorials and free music samples as you sign up for their academy.
  • Music Production Tutorials: This is one of the finest channels that features tutorials and classes on Maschine, Bitwig, Logic Pro, Ableton, Cubase, etc. The channel features tutorials by industry professionals who are masters at simplifying the most intricate stuff with over hour-long walkthroughs.
  • Slynk: It is a channel that shares the process of music production with the world and the Ableton Tutorials featured by the channel contain immense detailing and will help you master the art of sound designing.
  • Cymatics: This is one of the recent channels that predominantly sells presets and sound packs and shares some ultimate music production techniques and hacks taught by a group of industry experts.
  • Pyramind: This channel features a fine mix of content that serves beneficial for an amateur to professional music producers. Some of the fine tutorials offered by this channel include Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, The Breakdown, DJ Tutorials, Ableton Live, etc.
  • Multiplier: This channel is dedicated to Ableton and features detailed tutorials on Serum and Massive plug-ins. The school provides quality instructors offering super valuable tips and hacks that will help you craft better music using Ableton.
  1. Take Online Classes from Instructors: Online music production coaching is one of the best ways for mastering the art of fine-quality music production since they will educate you with some of the most effective hacks and tips to produce top-grade music.

Conclusion: We hope that this blog will educate you about the ways in which you can learn music production online.