Harmony Course

Harmony Course


Harmony Course, you will learn about the mathematics and techniques of Music. In this course, you will know about chords, harmony, scale, and modes of music.

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    With the help of Harmony Course, you will know about the connection between sound that will hear at the same time. The harmony music is divided into two parts these are Consonant and Dissonant.


    When the harmony music is pleasant then it is concordant but when harmony music is unpleasant then it will be discordant.

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    In Harmony course, you will learn about major scaling and tones of music, modes, and bass of the music.

    Harmony’s course main part is chord and it is a mixture of notes. In a chord, you will learn about how to focus on sound pleasant and concordant.

Duration Time: 30 Days

Course Fee: 14000 (Including GST)

CLASS DAYS: Friday Only 

Software: Logic Pro X