How To Get Creative In Music Production?

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How To Get Creative In Music Production?

When you make music for such a long time you get stuck into a big circle. You will experience the same thing again and again. A round circle in which you will do everything again which you have always done before.

Most of the times this experience becomes boring. You will start missing the challenging aspects of music.

To overcome this boring experience you will someday have to do some experiment with your music. Experimenting is what that leads to the creativity.

In the coming paragraphs, I am going to share the top 10 points on how to get creative in music production.

Limiting yourself:

One of the best ways to be creative is limiting yourself to fewer instruments. We assume that the more options we have the more we will be creative. However, this often leads to exploring the different instruments more rather than experimenting with them.

I personally think that limiting yourself to a particular number of instruments will help us to more creative. In this way, we are bounding ourselves to the particular instrument rather adding another layer to the music. For example, what are the different things you can do with a piano? This will make you experiment with a particular instrument more rather than experimenting with different others.

The five instruments that you can use can be:

Plucked bass





Many of you might be thinking it to be impossible. But, you just have to think in mind of trying the instruments for the number of times than anyone else has ever tried.

Structuring the track first:

You have arranged everything in position before anything else. Most of the people don’t even understand this when I tell them about this. How to arrange thing that is not existing? It is really simple. You have to think about the idea first. You need to build all of the structure with a blank clip:

  1. Create a new track with Drum bass, melody etc.
  2. Create MIDI clips
  3. Arrange MIDI clips for sketching the basic layout.

The thing that is best about this project is that you have to think about your project right from the beginning. Many a time we are stuck in a loop that we are unable to compose the whole song. So this way to can get creative with the music production work.

Production of a track is not more than 60 minutes:

Setting up a challenge for yourself. You have to set up the challenges for yourself while composing a song. You have to challenge yourself to complete a particular composition in a certain amount of time. Most of the producers do not set a deadline for themselves. They might want to finish the work as early as possible. Or, they might need to finish the work. But deep in their mind, they know that they know that the life will be normal even if they do not do their work.

So to challenge yourself while composing is the best way to get your work done sooner.  To set a target for yourself while doing something makes you act rather than thinking about something. When you will set a time limit for 60 minutes for yourself. In this experiment, you will have every less time to hang around.

Rather you will be more focused on doing the work. You will spend more time on performing and then fix it after that.

Use a Sine Wave:

You will find nothing better than a sine wave.  Making a composition with a sine wave will make you think out of the square.  You need to pay much more attention to the octaves where the music ideas should be placed on the piano rolls. This will help you to get an idea of how low the baseline you should keep or how high you should keep your melody.

The best thing that is a sine wave is that it will make the mixing process a lot easier than before. This way you will get the benefit of saving timing. Everything will be already arranged in the right place. You just have to replace the sine waves with the correct sound. You should have the right idea to equate the sound to fit it with the remaining music track.

One more benefit of this experiment is that it will disregard the sound design in the beginning.  You are more focused on the composition.

Creating a song with a sample:

You should start building up a habit of creating few sample packs that will contain few sample tracks that you often use.

And also why not to use a track from your sample pack. By doing this you can make your song to sound more cohesive and also it can help you to make a choice easily from lesser soundtrack options.

With this experiment, you can easily make out a composition from lesser choices. You should avoid using a pre-made baseline or any construction kit. Better stick to one-shot.

You can mix up two or more genres:

To mix up two or more genres together is one of the best creative activity that you can do.  This is one of the most difficult points that is the reason I am discussing it in the end. If you produce from your house, why don’t you just mix up the  DnB Reese bass? And also if you make trance, why not to mix up your track with some screeches?

Challenging yourself with these experiments will surely help you to make better music composition.


To recap, we have discussed the best experiments that you can use to give a twist to your music production by experimenting with your music. I bet you that these experiments will surely force you to think creatively. This will infuse your mind with new ideas that will boost up your composition to give a better result. I hope you will find this article helpful.