Electronic Music Production (EMP)

Electronic Music Production Course


MP is the best course for beginners and it is specially designed for new students. Who is interesting in beats and want to know about beats then it is the right course for you. You can learn Electronic Music Production Course at CrashedBeats is designed this course who want to create and control the beats and want to create own tracks.

If in any case we have to image the life without music then it is something which cannot be expected. Electronic music production is the beginner’s guide for the individuals who are intending for beginning the career in music.

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    We will help you to learn how to use and manage effective electronic digital instruments. Nowadays EMP is the most used and valuable music category and it is used by experts.


    We will tell you about Electronic music features and specifications and how to manage them to make perfect music and songs. You can also learn the advanced use of electronic music production to create amazing electronic music and beats.

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    After knowing about advanced techniques you can easily mix and mastering the songs in your own style, you can produce your compositions and music.


    EMP course will also expand your music skills and talent and help you to build more confidence to make your own songs and beats. We will provide you all live and practical knowledge about Ableton Live Software and tools.

This course is mainly designed for the students as it is one of the courses in music that can prove to be useful for them in pursuing their choice of career. An individual who is interested in the beats and also wants to comprehend about the beats then this course is identified to be one of the appropriate choices. If you are unable to understand more about the electronic music production then you should definitely look at the benefits it offers because being an electronic music producer comes with several perks. To count some of them then one is linked to reaching the world. Internet is the most powerful thing these days now and when it is used properly then reaching the world becomes very easy.

If you think that musicians don’t make money online then let me burst out the truth here because they can make money through advertisement, sponsorship money, sales of song money, licensing money and contractual deal money. Basically, this is helpful in generating the income even when you are sleeping. The best part about electronic music production is that anyone can hear the music without any issue as there is no more holding back of the music by record labels. You can become a popular singer or musician through the different niche of fans who is going to love your work. With electronic music production there is no any sort of tension linked with the competition.

This is your music and there is no place for the competition. Your music can be shared with anyone which is again a positive point for you as this will also help you in getting more recognition among the audience. As technology is getting better and faster day by day so the electronic music production is the course which benefits in enhancing your music through technology. Hence, if you are also interested in the electronic music production course then it is relevant that you must join institute so that the music skills and beat knowledge can be augmented in a proficient manner.

CrashedBeats is one of the best music institutes in Delhi that you could ever find in the city. We have managed to obtain popularity through providing the services that are full of quality and satisfaction. If you join us we will ensure that efficient help is provided by us for how to use and manage the instruments that are electronic digital effectively. These Electronic music production is mostly used and the category of music which is valuable. It is mainly used by the professionals or experts of music. We will provide you the appropriate understanding of features associated with the electronic music with the specifications. We also confirm the providing of understanding linked to the management of perfect song and music.

You will also be able to learn the music production that is electronic and advanced for creating the music and beats that are not only electronic but also amazing. Once you will learn about the techniques that are advanced then you will be able to mix and master the songs in your own style and you will become capable of producing the music and compositions. EMP course will prove to be helpful for you in expanding the skills of music and talent will be helpful for you in building the confidence for making your beats and songs. We offer you the understanding of software tool that we use for electronic music production live and practically. Software that is used is known as Ableton.

We will make sure to provide you our help for learning that how you can effectively manage the instruments which are digital and electronic. Thus, joining the CrashedBeats will not only help you in widening the career opportunities for you but also you will be able to enhance the skills of music and beat that are there in you. You just have to be confident about the talents that are there in you.

Ableton is the great software that will help you to create effective and innovative music beats and songs.

Duration Time: 45 Days 

Course Fee: 76500 (Including GST)

Class Days: Sat-Sun(Weekends)

Total Classes: 12

Software: Ableton Live