Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) Course

Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) Course


Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) you will learn about Music Production and music tools and features like Logic Pro X and you will understand the features and tools of DAW. It is the very important part of music production.

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    With the help of DAW course, you can easily create and make your own sound and track. DAW is an electronic music system or software that will provide many features and tools to handle and create music. You can edit, record and mix sound in DAW.


    The latest version of DAW software helps us to mix and record many sounds in one song. Mainly DAW is used for music production and for creating perfect sound and multimedia.

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    DAW is specially designed for music production and it is the most used and popular software which is used for Music production. It will provide us many tools and effects that will help to create perfect sound and make Wonderful environment.

Digital audio workstation is an electronic device or application software which is used for the purpose of editing, recording and the producing the files of audio. This electronic device comes in altered configuration from the program of software that is single on the laptop to an integrated unit which is stand-alone. It includes the central interface which permits the user for altering and mixing the numerous recordings and tracks into the price that is finally produced. This electronic device is also used for producing and recording of the music, songs, radio, speech, TV, podcasts, effects of sound and in any of the circumstances where intricate recording audio is needed. All digital audio workstation permits the used for taking recordings or the music that is generated electronically so that it can be edited, mixed and manipulated into the project that is final. It is identified that there are certain DAWs which are suitable for the purpose of recording live audio whereas others are geared more towards the musicians who are linked to electronic and work more with the loops of audio, synthesizers and sequencers. Certain digital audio workstations come packed with the plug-in and effects and include the process features that are less robust. The component set of digital audio workstation is identified to be the determined factor. Other factors that lead to affecting the decision include the digital audio workstation platform which is available. There are mainly four components associated with the digital audio workstation which include a computer, sound card, studio monitors and an individual for changing the notes of music.

If you are planning for pursuing the career in music then you must consider at the Digital Audio Workstation in Delhi. Digital Audio Workstation has the capability to handle the longer sound files in an efficient manner. Hard disk is restricted only by the size itself. Digital audio workstation allows you to edit the remote access as audio is recorded on the hard disk. One of the major benefits of using the digital audio workstation is that it allows the editing that is nondestructive. With the help of digital audio workstation allows for performing the digital signal processing on the segment of sound file in actual time or time that is unreal. So, you should definitely try joining the digital audio workstation because it is helpful in learning about the production of music and tools of music including features such as Logic Pro X and it helps in comprehending the complete functionalities of DAW. It is considered as the very significant aspect of the music production.

Digital Audio Workstation

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Duration Time: 30 Days

Course Fee: 70500(Including GST)

Class Days: Fri-Sat-Sun

Software: Logic Pro X