Which is the Best Music Institute In Delhi

music institute in Delhi

Which is the Best Music Institute In Delhi

Taking up music as a profession is exciting and every enthusiast aspiring a career as a DJ constantly searches for theĀ Best Music Institute In Delhi that can help them acquire all the skills and know-how to emerge a big name in the DJ industry.

DJs have now emerged as an integral part of nightlife across the globe owing to their mixing and re-mixing abilities. Every time you begin searching for the best music schools in Delhi, you will come across numerous names offering diverse courses at varying prices.

One of the music institutes that has earned immense reputation and accolades for its quality music education in Delhi is Crashed Beats Institute.

Crashed Beats is the leading and most trusted music school in Delhi delivering top-notch music production education at commendable quality standards and highly affordable prices.

Founded in 2007, Crashed Beats has produced thousands of professionals over the years in the media and entertainment industry and currently retains the top position in Delhi for having the highest number of working professionals in the Indian DJ industry.

Crashed Beats is the pioneer in delivering top-quality DJ and music production education through our consistently updated curriculum featuring the latest music production techniques and methods.

Headed by renowned artists from the music industry, Crashed Beats was started with the aim of delivering innovation and excellence in the music industry. Crashed Beats is the most forward-thinking and premier music institute in Delhi with the motto to deliver high-powered, high-impact and hands-on music production learning.

Crashed Beats is an ever-growing community of visual artists, musicians, audio professionals, and enthusiasts focused on producing high-grade DJ professionals.

Crashed Beats is widely recognized and trusted for producing high-grade music professionals by providing access to state-of-the-art equipment and most efficient infrastructure to allow students practice their coursework in a high-end studio environment and grab the skill set to emerge successful names.

Crashed Beats has won immense accolades and appreciation from its alumni for training them in the latest and most advanced DJing and music production techniques that have helped them taste enormous success in the industry.

Crashed Beats is the best, widely recognized and most sought-after music institute in Delhi known for imparting top-quality practical training in DJing and music production field.

Courses Offered By Crashed Beats

We at Crashed Beats provide a comprehensive range of courses which include the following:

Best Music Institute In Delhi

  • Electronic Music Production (EMP)
  • Advanced Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)
  • Sound Engineering-Recording-Mixing & Mastering
  • Sound Design & Synthesis
  • Harmony 101 (HMNY)
  • Music Arrangement & Composition
  • Advanced Mixing (ADVMX)
  • Scratching
  • Live Looping
  • Beat Juggling
  • Digital DJing
  • Music Production
  • Pro DJing Course

Why Choose Crashed Beats

  • Crashed Beats is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and world-class infrastructure to allow students practice their coursework in a high-end studio environment.
  • Crashed Beats is a team of world’s finest music producers and artists having tremendous experience and expertise in imparting top-quality music production education to students.
  • At Crashed Beats, we impart job-oriented practical training in DJ and music production at commendable quality standards and highly cost-effective prices.
  • We are a network of established music artists enthusiastic about sharing their wealth of knowledge and experience to produce quality talent in the most progressive and modern genres of music.
  • All studios at Crashed Beats have an access to industry-standard hardware and software and have been upgraded with the latest from Denon, Apogee, Ableton, Image Line, Pioneer DJ, Reloop, etc.
  • Our faculty are dedicated and train each student holistically in theoretical as well as practical concepts.
  • We keep our curriculum updated with the latest DJ and music production techniques and methods.
  • Besides their regular coursework, students at Crashed Beats are taught key aspects of the music industry that provide them an edge in the real world and help them emerge successful names.
  • You will get the chance to learn and explore the music production and DJing field from globally renowned faculty possessing tremendous expertise and experience level.
  • Our faculty gives individual attention to each student to make them master the DJ and music production field.
  • A chance to learn and master DJ and music production in a highly enthusiastic and dynamic atmosphere.