How to Become a Music Producer

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How to Become a Music Producer

CrashedBeats – A music producer is a creative and exciting profile in the realm of the music industry since they help shape other artists’ albums and mold musical talent to make it marketable.

Gaining success as a music producer is a daunting endeavor since it requires putting in tremendous backbreaking efforts and following the right approach.

Many people face a dilemma as to what it takes to become a music producer and what all do they need to do to become a successful music producer.

To put the queries and confusion of aspiring music producers to rest, we have brought forward this blog that will familiarize you with the steps that you need to follow to become a music producer.

How to Become a Music Producer

We will now list down the steps that you need to follow to become a music producer:

Research Music Genres and Pick One

As an aspiring music producer, you need to make a decision of whether to become an expert in a single genre or work with a diverse range of musical genres. This is one of the starting decisions that you need to make since specializing in a single genre may help your production style become better known while mastering many genres may give you the opportunity to work with more artists.

Learn Music Production by Learning an Instrument

One of the initial steps to become a music producer is to learn musical theory and train your ear since it will immensely be beneficial for your career.

One of the initial steps in becoming a music producer is to learn the skills of operating music instruments. You must master the art of producing music and quality tracks using instruments such as piano, guitar, bass, etc.

Mastering the art of using a piano will help you become a versatile music producer. Mastering the piano is indeed essential since it will help you with the melody. Mastering the art of operating a guitar will help you flesh out chords with ease and you will become familiar with rock and popular music. Similarly, learning the bass will help you hone the rhythm section and build a strong foundation for your productions.

Familiarize Yourself with Music

Successful music producers are aware of the production techniques that work and are well familiar with what the audience likes and dislikes. As an aspiring music producer, it is wise to develop familiarity with music and gather experience by paying a visit to concerts and clubs or by playing in a band. Another excellent option is to gather experience by working under the supervision of experienced music producers in profiles such as a sound technician or an audio engineer.

Master the Technology

You ought to have the know-how of using a music-processing program or a soundboard for creating and manipulating music. When you are completely novice in music production, you need to master the art of using a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) for laying out music. Some of the best tools to start off with are FL Studio and Ableton Live that facilitate advancement to higher levels.

You must also learn the art of using DAWs such as Pro Tools, Cakewalk Sonar, and Reason since it will help you with arranging and tweaking the music they record.

Master the Art of Mixing and Mastering

you must build some background in mixing and engineering for becoming a success as a music producer.

It is wise to become familiar with what does mixing a track imply and you must master the art of blending all the disparate sounds together into a sweet-sounding mix. Mixing and mastering familiarize you with the mechanism to adjust the different elements of your track to make it sound flawless.

You must learn few aspects such as the difference between stereo mix and mono and you must learn to differentiate between ‘in the box’ and ‘out of the box’. Some of the other things that you need to master include the art of adjusting the volume of different instruments, ¬†the art of adjusting the pitch of the sounds and the art of panning sounds to the left or right. You must gain know-how of what to put in the center of the mix.

Introspect about what sounds would Go well with each other

The task of a music producer is to create intriguing, impressive and stupendous music. This generally requires one to explore the ways in which different genres and different sounds interact.

Build Some Music

You must now put your mixing and mastering skills to use for creating fantastic and alluring music and entering into the field. Your focus at the initial stage should be mastering a single style of music that will allow you to get established, earn fame and make a name in one specific genre before proceeding onto diverse music styles.

You must kick start with one or two and eventually consider experimenting with more genres. This will help you broaden your horizon as you experiment and get fluency in more and more genres.

It is wise to carve a niche for yourself in one specific genre before proceeding to explore other genres.

Market your Production

Exposure is essential for attaining success in the music production field and it is impossible to get exposure and publicity without marketing. One of the first steps should be to build your website that will showcase your creations and portfolio to the audience.

Utilize the power of the Internet for Building your Presence

One of the best ways of becoming an established music producer is to build your presence and earn exposure and your first big gig.

One of the excellent ways is uploading your creations and compositions on websites such as SoundCloud and Bandcamp. Another exciting option is to exploit the YouTube channel for gaining popularity and earning fame by uploading your creations on the platform.

Exploit the social media platforms for gaining fame and popularity by building your professional account on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc and update them regularly with promotions, posts, your creations, your upcoming performances, etc. You must encourage your followers to like and share your posts with their connections that will help you expand your reach and build a strong fan base.

You must increase your level of interaction with your followers and consider adding short tags, descriptions, and titles to get more views for your posts and videos.

Do Your Networking

You must utilize networking to make yourself an established name in the industry and getting your first big project.

It is wise to get in touch with plenty of independent/major artists and record labels to market your brand and expand your reach. You must remain connected and establish long-term relationships with them for becoming successful music producers. Some of the effective ways of expanding your reach are creating and distributing your business cards, posting bulletins around your surrounding areas, etc.

An effective way of earning fame and building a good reputation is to volunteer your services at low rates or for free initially to build your fan base and get profitable gigs in future.


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We hope that this blog will familiarize you with the steps to follow to become a music producer.